Phil Julian
CD (E213)

1. Relay (6'43")
2. Coherence I (3'08")
3. Aperture* (5'06")
4. Field (7'39")
5. Coherence II (2'31")
6. Tropic (11'46")

Recorded and mixed 2014–16 in London
except * (ventilation system field recordings,
New York, 2012)

These recordings originated as multichannel pieces presented
at events organised around Goldsmiths University, London,
by Sandra Kazlauskaite and Tom Mudd during 2015. These have
been reworked and reconstructed here for stereo.
  All the recordings have their origins in repeating patterns or
sequences which then drift over time or start to collapse entirely,
either by design or by accident — e.g. poor quality or non-
existent synchronisation between different devices, fluctuating
or random/unstable voltages, human interference etc.

Edition of 150 copies
Out of print

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Phil Julian’s latest comes with a concept or sorts; Relay is
comprised of recordings that find their origins in repeating
sequences, but its point is an examination of fluctuation
in imperfect systems, the moment a pattern begins to fall
out of sync. Some of these tracks draw directly from the
real world (Aperture is built from field recordings of New
York ventilation systems) but others deftly simulate the
sense of slip and slide: the zippy insectoid pulses of the
title track; or Field, a celestial drone that weaves and
wobbles like time itself is speeding up and slowing down.

Louis Pattison in The Wire