Yves De Mey
Late-Night Patching 1
12" (E204)

“Late-Night Patching is the result of a short test phase with
modular software, mimicking traditional synth modules. A very
basic 8-step sequencer setup was patched and used to its full
extent for all these tracks. There’s something nostalgic about
this EP, and not only in its recreation of vintage instruments.
All four tracks allude to a rave past, a history of repetitive and
nervous patterns brought together in simple structures. And for
some of us, it’s the sound of staying home while others roam
the streets at night.”

— Yves De Mey, Antwerp, 7 July 2016

Edition of 200 copies
Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

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Special edition

Late-Night Patching 1 is also available in a limited
edition of three white label copies. Each copy is
numbered and packaged in a unique sleeve, printed
in Pantones 303, 606 and 808 respectively.

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Sleeve 1: PMS 303

Sleeve 2: PMS 606

Sleeve 3: PMS 808