Entries in this section are listed chronologically,
by catalogue number, in descending order.
Samples of these releases are available as a
Soundcloud playlist

K. Mulhern
CD (E241), 2019

See K. Mulhern (E241)

Dale Cornish
CD (E240), 2019

See Dale Cornish (E240)

Yves De Mey
Exit Strategies Part 1
CD (E238), 2019

See Yves De Mey (E238)

Joachim Nordwall &
Gabi Losoncy
Kevin Drumm
Tim Barnes & Jeph Jerman
John Duncan

Commuication is the Key
CD (E235), 2019

See Joachim Nordwall (E235)

Asmus Tietchens
STENOGRAMME, zweite Folge
CD (E233), 2018

See Asmus Tietchens (E233)

Evelin Brosi
99 Seconds
CDr (E232), 2019

See Evelin Brosi (E232)

3 Rensa
LP (E231), 2018

See 3 Rensa (E231)

Hanno Leichtmann/Valerio Tricoli
la Casa delle Chimere
LP (E230), 2018

See Hanno Leichtmann/Valerio Tricoli (E230)

The Happy Jug
A novel by Nathan Jones
Music by Kepla
Book [210×148 mm; 80pp]/
CD (E227), 2018

See The Happy Jug (E227)

Tom Mudd
Gutter Synthesis
CD/software (E226), 2018

See Tom Mudd (E226)

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
Sun of Late Afternoon
CD (E223), 2017

See Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson (E223)

086–087 Area
CD (E222), 2017

See Nyantora+duenn (E222)

MCRTNL CD (E220), 2017

See NYZ (E219/E220)

Of Habit
Extended Technique
Cassette (E218), 2017

See Of Habit (E218)

John Edwards
Mark Sanders
John Wall

CD (E217), 2017

See Edwards/Sanders/Wall (E217)

Adam Asnan
Mythcigc II
CD (E216), 2017

See Adam Asnan (E216)

Dale Cornish
CD (E215), 2017

See Dale Cornish (E215)

Fuadain Liesmas
CD (E214), 2017

See Aclds (E214)

Phil Julian
CD (E213), 2017

See Phil Julian (E213)

Dominic Thibault
CD (E211), 2016

See Dominic Thibault (E211)

Joachim Nordwall
CD (E210), 2016

See Joachim Nordwall (E210)

Mike Majkowski
Swimming in Light
LP (E209), 2016

See Mike Majkowski (E209)

Hanno Leichtmann/Valerio Tricoli
The Future of Discipline
LP (E206), 2016

See Hanno Leichtmann/Valerio Tricoli (E206)

Joachim Nordwall
The Power of Repetition
Cassette (E205), 2016

See Joachim Nordwall (E205)

Yves De Mey
Late-Night Patching 1
12" (E204), 2016

See Yves De Mey (E204)

Laurent Fairon
Musique Isotype
CD (E202), 2016

See Laurent Fairon (E202)

Adam Asnan
Klangspiel Bambus
Cassette (E195), 2016

See Adam Asnan (E195)

Richard Francis
Combinations #1
Cassette (E191), 2015

See Richard Francis (E191)

Eryck Abecassis
CD (E189), 2015

See Eryck Abecassis (E189)

CD (E188), 2015

See Boche (E188)

Guy Birkin & Sun Hammer
CD (E187), 2015

See Guy Birkin & Sun Hammer (E187)

Imaginary Forces
Low Key Movements
CD (E186), 2015

See Imaginary Forces (E186)

Demonstration Synthesis/
M. Salaciak
Cassette (E184), 2015

See DS/M. Salaciak (E184)

Pods of Punishment
LP (E183), 2015

See Strategy (E183)

Sam Kidel
Untitled (Movements)
LP (E182), 2015

See Sam Kidel (E182)

Francisco Meirino/ILIOS
CD (E181), 2014

See Francisco Meirino/ILIOS (E181)

Owen McLean
Ghost Selector
Cassette (E180), 2014

See Owen McLean (E180)

Andrew Pekler
The Prepaid Piano & Replayed
LP (E177), 2014

See Andrew Pekler (E177)

Volker Hennes
Emperor Ambassador
CD (E175), 2015

See Volker Hennes (E175)

Ho. Turner
The Shrill
Cassette (E173), 2014

Ho. Turner
Cassette (E169), 2014

CD (E168), 2013

See Haptic (E168)

Lee Fraser
Dark Camber
CD (E164), 2014

See Lee Fraser (E164)

Joachim Nordwall
Soul Music
LP (E161), 2013

See Joachim Nordwall (E161)

Dennis Tyfus
Glaubt ihr wirklich dass das
jemanden interessiert?
Cassette (E159), 2014

See Dennis Tyfus (E159)

Shelley Parker
Sleeper Line EP
CD (E154), 2013

See Shelley Parker (E154)

Doepfer Worm
CD (E151), 2013

See Machinefabriek (E151)

Giuseppe Ielasi/
Enrico Malatesta

CD (E150), 2012

See Ielasi/Malatesta (E150)

CD (E149), 2012

See Zbeen (E149)

Kostis Kilymis
More Noise Ahead
CD (E147), 2012

See Kostis Kilymis (E147)

Lander Gyselinck
and Esther Venrooy

Point Break
CD (E144), 2012

See Gyselinck/Venrooy (E144)

CD (E143), 2012

See Lepenik (E143)

Jo Thomas
Nature of Habit
CD (E142), 2012

See Jo Thomas (E142)

Helena Gough
Knot Invariants
CD (E140), 2012

See Helena Gough (E140)

John Wall/Mark Durgan
CD (E139), 2012

See John Wall/Mark Durgan (E139)

Gregor Cürten & Anselm Rogmans
CD (E138), 2012

See Cürten & Rogmans (E138)

Birgit Ulher
CD (E134), 2012

See Birgit Ulher (E134)

Juan Matos Capote
CD (E133), 2012

See Juan Matos Capote (E133)

Volker Hennes
Ewok Poltergeist Revelation I
Cassette (E132), 2012

See Volker Hennes (E132)

Cassette (E131), 2012

See Maar (E131)

The Automatics Group
Summer Mix (Auto 2)
CD (E130), 2011

See The Automatics Group (E130)

Giuseppe Ielasi
Untitled, 2011
CD (E129), 2012

See Giuseppe Ielasi (E129)

CD (E128), 2012

See Bellows (E128)

CD (E127), 2011

See Haptic (E127)

Mark Vernon
Static Cinema
CD (E126), 2011

See Mark Vernon (E126)

Diagram & Moliné
CD (E125), 2012

See Diagram & Moliné (E125)

Dale Cornish
Cassette (no number), 2012

See Dale Cornish (no number)

Monologues 1
Cassette (EP4; 2011)

See Monologues

James Holcombe/Adam Asnan
Ley Farm
Cassette (E124), 2011

See Holcombe/Asnan (E124)

Tim Wright
8 Switches
USB flash drive (E123), 2011

See Tim Wright (E123)

Wormhole Shubz
CD/A5 booklet (E122), 2011
Digital/A5 booklet (E122), 2014

See EVOL (E122)

Nick Storring
CD (E121), 2011

See Nick Storring (E121)

Pali Meursault
Without the wolves
CD (E120), 2011

See Pali Meursault (E120)

Glenn Bach/John Kannenberg
Dispersal Patterns
CD (E119), 2012

See Bach/Kannenberg (E119)

Philip Julian
Location +
Cassette (E118), 2011

See Philip Julian (E118)

Karla Borecky
Still in your pocket
Cassette (E117), 2011

See Karla Borecky (E117)

Adam Sonderberg
American Hours with German Efficiency
Cassette (E116), 2011

See Adam Sonderberg (E116)

Jacques Beloeil
CD (E115), 2010

See Jacques Beloeil (E115)

John Wall/Alex Rodgers
Work 2006–2011
CD (E114), 2011

See John Wall/Alex Rodgers (E114)

Cassette (E113), 2010

See L.E.G. (E113)

Lee Gamble/Yutaka Makino
Cassette (E111), 2010

See Gamble/Makino (E111)

Michael J. Schumacher/

12" (E109), 2011

See Michael J. Schumacher/NMD (E109)

Jim Hollands
Telepathy 101
Cassette (E108), 2010

See Jim Hollands (E108)

Dead Girl’s Party
The Things I’ve Lost
Cassette (E106), 2010

See Dead Girl’s Party (E106)

Joseph Clayton Mills
Leaving my shadow still to be with you
Cassette (E105), 2010

See Joseph Clayton Mills (E105)

Esther Venrooy
CD (E104), 2011

See Esther Venrooy (E104)

Jacques Beloeil
The Bath of Stars
CD (E102), 2010

See Jacques Beloeil (E102)

Adam Asnan
Cassette (E101), 2010

See Adam Asnan (E101)

Giuseppe Ielasi
15 CDs
Cassette (E100), 2010

See Giuseppe Ielasi (E100)

Meat Sweats
Swolon Colon
Cassette (E98), 2010

See Meat Sweats (E98)

Ben Gwilliam and Michael Vorfeld
CD (E97), 2010

See Gwilliam/Vorfeld (E97)

Christopher McFall
The Anatomical Submissiveness of Lions
Cassette (E96), 2010

See Christopher McFall (E96)

Renato Rinaldi
Time Machine Volumes I&II
Double cassette (E95), 2010

See Renato Rinaldi (E95)

Lux Payllettes
CD (E94), 2010

See eRikm (E94)

RaM/Mike McHugh
Live at Love’s Secret Domain
Cassette (E93), 2010

See RaM/Mike McHugh (E93)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro
CD (E92), 2010

See Alfredo Costa Monteiro (E92)

Helena Gough
CD (E91), 2010–2011

See Helena Gough (E91)

Jean-Baptiste Favory
Big Endings
CD (E89), 2010

See Jean-Baptiste Favory (E89)

Jo Thomas
Untitled Lines
Cassette (no number), 2010

See Jo Thomas (no number)

S R Hess
System Failure
Cassette (E88), 2010

See S R Hess (E88)

Deepkiss 720
DJ Ordeal
The Sparticus Stargazer
The Tarbox Tentacle
The Vitamin B12

Compiled by DJ Ordeal
Cassette (E87), 2010

See DJ Ordeal et al (E87)

Tomas Korber/Ralf Wehowsky
Walküren am Dornenbaum
CD (E83), 2010

See Korber/Wehowsky (E83)

Entrance to Exit
Cassette (E81), 2009

See 3.14... (E81)

Theo Burt
Colour Projections
CD-ROM (E80), 2009

See Theo Burt (E80)

Michael J. Schumacher
CD (E78), 2009

See Michael J. Schumacher (E78)

Lee Gamble
Join Extensions
CD (E77), 2009

See Lee Gamble (E77)

Inbetween the sound sound/
The Occult Animals of Silicon Valley
Cassette (E76), 2009

See Kallabris/Legowelt (E76)

CD (E75), 2009

See Haptic (E75)

Simon Whetham
CD (E72), 2009

See Simon Whetham (E72)

Marc Behrens
A Narrow Angle
CD (E71), 2009

See Marc Behrens (E71)

Will Montgomery [Brian Marley]
CD (E67), 2009

See Montgomery [Marley] (E67)

Jacques Beloeil
Bidules 1–9
LP (E64), 2009

See Jacques Beloeil (E64)

Scott Foust
Stranded: a series of short essays
Postcard set (EP1), 2008

See Scott Foust/Stranded

Noise Tape Reggae
7" (E62), 2008

See Strategy (E62)

CD (E61), 2008

See hamaYôko (E61)

Half-Asleep Music
CD (E59), 2008

See Phroq (E59)

Esther Venrooy and
Heleen Van Haegenborgh

Mock Interiors
CD (E55), 2008

See Venrooy/Van Haegenborgh (E55)

Punani Rubberist
CD (E54), 2008

See EVOL (E54)

Olivier Capparos and Lionel Marchetti
Livre des morts
CD (E53), 2007/2011

See Capparos/Marchetti (E53)

Ygun –n9–
CD (E52), 2008

See hamaYôko (E52)

hamaYôko 4/29
CD (E48), 2007

See hamaYôko (E48)

7" (E47/A67), 2007

See Haptic (E47)

Marc Behrens
Architectural Commentaries 4&5
CD (E45), 2007

See Marc Behrens (E45)

Christopher McFall
Four Feels for Fire
CD (E42), 2006

See Christopher McFall (E42)

Simon Whetham
CD (E41), 2006

See Simon Whetham (E41)

Sudden Infant/Carlos Giffoni
Oslo Oscillation Orgy
12" (E40), 2007

See Sudden Infant/Carlos Giffoni (E40)

Helena Gough
with what remains
CD (E38), 2007–2010

See Helena Gough (E38)

1V2E/Danjon Scale
12" (E37), 2006

See Mouths/Haptic (E37)

Filter Feeder Resistance Cycle/Invisible Orchestra
The Milgram Obedience… Trail of Droplets
Formatt Engtevrees
Jacques Beloeil An Absent–Minded Track
CD (E35), 2006

A compilation of four early 3" CD releases. Resistance Cycle/
Invisible Orchestra (E11): the first track was recorded with a
1960s valve sine wave tone generator, the second with records
and turntables. Trail of Droplets (E13): four tracks of filmic
and melancholic electronic music by Ben Norland’s The Milgram
Obedience to Authority Experiment. Engtevrees (E14): Peter
Smeekens’ work straddles analogue and digital technologies
without being overly suggestive of either. Engtevrees illustrates
this well over its 20-minute duration. It’s composed entirely of
a recording made at an underground car park in Antwerp which
was then manipulated with a computer, tape decks and effects.
An Absent–Minded Track (E15): a powerful union of error and
coincidence, captured onto tape via an erratic analogue keyboard
emitting its last battery pulse.

Joe Gilmore/George Rogers
3" CD (E33), 2006

See Joe Gilmore/George Rogers (E33)

CD (E32), 2006

Kleine Mietzekatze
3" CD (E31), 2006

Esther Venrooy
Shift Coordinate Points
LP (E30), 2006

See Esther Venrooy (E30)

CD (E29), 2005

This Chicago-based electro-acoustic improv trio consisting of
Joshua Convey (bass), Stephen Fiehn (CD players, guitar, iPod),
and Steven Hess (drums, vibraphone) has been working together
since mid–2004. Capture/Create’s two tracks were recorded
straight to MiniDisc using a strategically placed stereo microphone.

Marc Behrens, Dave Phillips,
Cheapmachines, Keith Berry

CD (E28), 2005

Big City Orchestra
CD (E27), 2005

See Big City Orchestra (E27)

Off Mind
3" CD/Tabloid newspaper (E26), 2016

See Kallabris (E26)

Saturday 10 September 2005
16.20 to 17.00
CD (E25), 2005

Recorded in situ at the London Placard headphone festival during
a performance by Signals (comprising Cheapmachines and Karina
ESP). This is an acoustic recording; any audible reference to
Signals’ performance is entirely coincidental.

First Installation
3" CD (E24), 2005

Originally conceived and recorded as an eight-speaker surround-
sound installation for Martin Holtkamp’s Bad Girls! photography
exhibition which took place in November 2003 at Pineal Eye,
London. It is largely based on audio extracted from video
recordings made in Berlin during August that year.

Jacques Beloeil
Quatre tonalités pour enceintes urbaines
CD (E23), 2005

Produced with a Casio keyboard, an effects unit, a tape recorder,
and a microphone. The seemingly simplistic instrumentation belies
the four tracks’ sustained elegance and Beloeil’s compositional flair.
Parts of this album will be remastered and reissued in 2009.

The Digitariat
CD (E22), 2005

See The Digitariat (E22)

Chloral Works I&II
Single-sided 12"/3" CD (E21)

See Raionbashi (E21)

Filter Feeder
Raw Materials
CD (E20), 2005

See Filter Feeder (E20)

David Payne
Feedback #2
CD (E19), 2005

This is the second part in Canadian David Payne’s series of
recordings documenting the exploration of feedback loops
as a primary sound source. This series focuses on a process
of aural manipulation where the artist has very little control
over the sound produced. All tracks were improvised directly
to tape, with no overdubs or editing.

CD (E18), 2005

See Cheapmachines (E18)

The Earth is Mostly Ocean
CD (E17), 2005

For two mono channels
CD (E16), 2005

Recorded continuously and simultaneously in two separate
locations between 01:00 13 April and 01:00 14 April 2005.
One minute per hour extracted randomly; compiled
chronologically, without editing. Duration: 24 minutes.

Jacques Beloeil
An Absent–Minded Track
3" CD (E15), 2005
[See E35]

Engtevrees 3" CD (E14) 2005
[See E35]

The Milgram Obedience to
Authority Experiment

Trail of Droplets 3" CD (E13) 2005
[See E35]

Dave Phillips
3" CD (E12), 2005

Filter Feeder
Resistance Cycle/Invisible Orchestra
3" CD (E11), 2005
[See E35]

Self Control/Death Drive
CD (E10), 2004

This two-track single by London-based Ze sprang from
a misunderstanding over an idea for a Laura Branigan
cover version...

Sudden Infant
Look Left
3" CD (E9), 2004

See Sudden Infant (E9)

For the attention of
Live Recordings 2003
CD (E7), 2004

Three lengthy compositions by Jacques Beloeil,
recorded directly to tape.

Six Intermissions In Seven Acts
CD/DVD (no number), 2005

Second edition of 50 copies which includes the original
CD and a DVD containing the six intermission films which
were screened on the night of the event.

Joke Lanz and Allon Kaye
What will be, wird sein
3" CD (no number), 2005

Badly recorded in London on Sunday, 8 May. Processed by
Joke Lanz on Monday, 9 May. Published by Entr’acte on
Tuesday, 10 May.

Six Intermissions In Seven Acts
CD (no number), 2005

Event-only edition of 120 free copies. Featuring The Digitariat,
Ze, Filter Feeder, Formatt, Black Hawai, Sudden Infant and
Raionbashi, interspersed with Jac Beloeil’s intermission music.

Sampler Volume Two
CD (no number), 2005

New and previously unreleased tracks by Dave Phillips,
Formatt, Filter Feeder, Sudden Infant, The Milgram
Obedience to Authority Experiment and Absent-Minded.

Antwerpen Edition
CD (no number), 2005

A limited edition of Entr’acte Sampler Two, produced on the
occasion of Filter Feeder’s show at Freaks End Future on
6 April. Edition of 25 copies, only available at the event.

New York Edition
CD (no number), 2005

A promo-only version of Entr’acte Sampler Two, produced on the
occasion of Sudden Infant’s tour of New York in March.

Sudden Infant and Ze
WCD 3" CD (no number), 2005

Live recording of an improvised performance at a public lavatory
which took place on Saturday, 29 January 2005 in Kentish Town,
London, in front of an invited audience, a bemused attendant
and an unsuspecting stranger...

Sampler Volume One
CD (no number), 2004

A free sampler, featuring tracks off Entr’acte 6–9 plus material
from the long-deleted Luxury Discreet Surroundings (E1)
and an exclusive track by Ze.

(Luxury Discreet Surroundings)
CD (Intermission 001), 1999

Produced by Daniel Löwenbrück (Raionbashi/Tochnit Aleph),
with additional material by René Lamp and Robert Schalinski
(Column One). A second edition was randomly-packed with
23 copies of LDS Relationchips (E6).