External content, online
and in print, pertaining
to Entr’acte and related
Adam Asnan

Allon Kaye
Electronic Justice #9
Mix for Confused Machines
(Tel Aviv)

Marc Behrens
YouTube channel
Deutschlandradio Kultur
radio works

Dale Cornish
We Need No Swords 22
Interview and music on the eve
of the release of Aqal (E215)

Mix for The Wire’s Adventures
in Modern Music

Joe Gilmore et al
Format: Alternative audio/
visual distribution models

Helena Gough
with Lee Patterson
Live at Cut and Splice,
Huddersfield, 2007
BBC Radio 3 broadcast

Gerard Herman
Village Voice interview,
August 2017

Sudden Infant
Live at Cut and Splice,
Huddersfield, 2007
BBC Radio 3 broadcast

The Wire Web Exclusive
New and exclusive work
by Marley Butler, EVOL,
Lee Gamble and Haptic
Published to coincide with
the Entr’acte feature in
the October 2010 issue.
Download the article here

Jo Thomas
Ultra Tonal EP
Alpha — live at the Alibi

John Wall
The Dialogues: In conversation
with Simon Cummings

Entr’acte Products by GMA

Entr’acte profile in Gonzo
, September 2015

Something Special: Entr’acte
and The Tapeworm in Berlin.

Entr’acte profile in The Wire,
October 2010

Worst Chips Ever: Entr’acte
showcase. Download/listen

Cover Art By: (Laurence king). Features 12 pages of Entr’acte
work and a short interview.

Entr’acte was featured in the
March/April 2007 issue of Form,
(#213), Germany’s foremost
design magazine. This issue
takes a look at contemporary
music packaging.

Eric Olson’s Process Type
. See also:
Eye magazine (62)
Creative Characters
Walker Art Centre lecture

AA Files: Issue 53 (May 2006) of
the Architectural Association’s
journal features a complete guide
to AAIR (AA Independent Radio;
RIP) programmes and archive.
The shows featured many
Entr’acte and related artists,
alongside incisive commentary
and the occasional reference
to architecture. This issue also
includes a free CD of AAIR’s
Travelling Without Moving
programme which features
audio correspondence with
Marc Behrens and Kallabris.