Adam Asnan
CD (E101)

Fancy: a 17th century term generally describing a
composition in which form is of secondary importance.
Fancies were usually contra-puntal and in several
sections. (The Oxford Dictionary of Music)

Fancies (2009) served to reconcile previously unsettled
material, based upon a scheme that condones disparity
between its constituent parts. In the period since its
completion, and subsequent issue on cassette, Fancies
has come to represent an antithesis to what I originally
termed ‘a work in parenthesis’.

Forbearance (2011) was composed specifically to
accompany Fancies, and can be considered its honorary
sixth part. The work signals a shift in my attitude towards
notions of compositional economy, formal concurrence
and discordance, engagement and refrain — aspects of
Fancies that I have since come to admire.

Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

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Out of print

Fancies was previously available on cassette
in an edition of 50 copies (E101; 2010)

Edition of 200 copies
Co-published with Senufo Editions