Gregor Cürten & Anselm Rogmans
CD (E138)

Planes I 18'06"
Planes II 18'10"

Recorded on 11 May 1974 without interrupting the
course of the music. Composed by Gregor Cürten
and Anselm Rogmans.

Initially released in 1974 as a private press LP,
this is the first official reissue of Planes, produced
in close collaboration with Gregor Cürten and re-
mastered from the original tapes by Giuseppe Ielasi.

With thanks to Ian Middleton and Clive Graham.

Edition of 300 copies

Planes: original front and back covers;
photograph and drawing by Gregor Cürten,


By my count only the second reissue on Entr’acte,
in a catalogue of almost 150 titles. The first was
a Fluxus cassette; Planes was a private press LP
recorded by Cürten and Rogmans in one take in
Germany in May 1974. It’s not quite Krautrock:
while their contemporaries were aiming cosmic
pulses into the bright sunset, Cürten and Rogmans
directed blank synth drones nowhere in particular.
The first side serves up dense, oscillating frequencies
and wordless, moaning vocals, more failed motion
than psychedelic transcendence. The more melodic
second adds cyclical patterns of chiming guitar
notes and electronic arpeggios. The usual Entr’acte
vacuum packaging supplies only the bare minimum
of information. Nonetheless, it's a pleasure to have
this charming obscurity back in print.

Nick Cain in The Wire