DJ Ordeal
LP (E39)

DJ Ordeal has been creating his progressively strange tape
collages for well over a decade. Following more than a dozen
releases, mostly on his own Sparticus Stargazer label, Sea/
Seagull may well be his oddest recording yet. Based on a
multi-tracked and speeded-up vocal riff, played alongside
recordings of sea breakers, voices, orchestral and seagull
sounds, this is a painstakingly constructed audio tapestry,
the result of intense, hour-upon-hour, tape-to-tape work.

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Edition of 200 copies

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DJ Ordeal, Brighton, 2006
Photograph by Ema Bonifacic


Sea managed to cut up a whole side of ocean sounds,
dropped in with the odd ominous clatter, and punctuated
with a rather musical seagull effect. On Seagull, things
get really interesting as he strips it all out save for the
seagull sample, which is actually made up of a vocalist
singing in the artist’s neighborhood — the various samples
of her singing are sped up and pieced together to the
effect that she sounds like the titular bird of low tide filth.
This is a fascinating side of music, hypnotic and strangely
satisfying, its noise simultaneously maddening and
scratching an itch that it formed itself. I feel like I’m
going to be highly suggestible when this side closes.

Doug Mosurak at Dusted

[On Sea] There are glimpses of orchestral sound and
speaking voices, but the waves dominate, turning the
side into a heavy and amorphous white noise experience.
Seagull isolates the bird-like sounds and produces a much
more intriguing result, with hard, bright oscillating tones,
seesawing across each other as Ordeal alternately runs
tape forwards and in reverse.

Sam Davies in The Wire