Filter Feeder
12" (E85)

Shopping features the title track in two versions
(Vocal and Lo Cal’), The Crunch, plus a formidable
remix by Shelley Parker (second part of the sample).

Played, recorded and processed by Julian Doyle
(acoustic and synthetic percussion, analogue drum
modules, turntables, digital samples and delays).
Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering

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Edition of 200 copies

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Julian Doyle, Faversham, 2010


Shopping is elusive composer Julian Doyle’s canto
to honour the loop. On each of the tracks here,
Doyle works up short, bar-long cells of chirping
synth and analogue percussion, passes them
through a simple chain of filters and lets them
ride. Loops are like drones: get them right and
you’ve got a rich sonic environment that focuses
the listener on tiny changes in texture. The key,
Doyle suggests, is rhythm: put the bar line where
the ear least expects it and your loop will keep
morphing, or seeming to, without you needing
to lift a finger. On the B side, DJ Shelley Parker
gives Doyle a sullen, dubbed-out remix: the loops
are screwed to a sizzurp crawl, the synths are
voided of pitch, reduced to Pole-style percussive
crackle and moored in cavernous bass.

Nick Richardson in The Wire