Triptyque de l’oeil
CD (E99)

1. Oeil centre
2. Silence
3. Panthère d’Erebos
4. Silence
5. Oeil gauch
6. Oeil droit

This album, Yôko Higashi’s fifth as hamaYôko,
features a triptych of pipe organ improvisations
recorded at St Augustin’s Church in Croix
Rousse, Lyon, and St Anne’s Church in Cagliari.
Higashi likens these tracks to “an old painting
of a foggy landscape”. They are augmented by
two silent intermissions and a fourth track,
Panthère d’Erebos.

Special guests on these recordings:
Kyô Marchetti-Higashi (voice on Oeil centre);
Chico Antonio (voice on Panthère d’Erebo);
Mori Shinge (cello on Oeil gauch)

Mastered by Thomas Poussereau at Altho,

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Edition of 300 copies

“A terrific, potent amalgam of peeling tones
and rich, throbbing drones”
— The Wire

Yôko Higashi, Higashi-Nakano, Tokyo 2011
Photograph by Martin Holtkamp


It’s so hard to be able to judge this album in any way.
What is it to be measured against? I don’t know any-
thing else quite like it. It isn’t something that i would
generally speaking go out in search of (who would?
I can’t imagine this CD having any kind of target
audience) but its absolutely a disc that kept me comp-
letely engaged throughout the few times I played it,
even if only out of constant curiosity and even a degree
of incredulity. Certainly highly original, Triptyque de
l’oeil is a bit of a one-off. I’m sure that Yôko Higashi
probably has a strong following, and has the potential
to find a considerable audience out there, but right
now I don’t quite know who to recommend this disc
to, other than those that have been waiting for either
a musique concrète/electro pop mix or perhaps just
those that enjoy something different.

Richard Pinnell at The Watchful Ear