Joe Gilmore/George Rogers
3" CD (E33)

Six computer music compositions using dynamic
stochastic synthesis — a technique developed by
the composer Iannis Xenakis, which uses probability
fluctuations to generate the successive sample
values in digital waveforms. A stochastic process
is one whose behaviour is non–deterministic in that
the next state is partially but not fully determined
by the previous state. Non–deterministic laws can
be observed in nature, for example: the probability
that a subatomic particle will disintegrate within
a time interval at a given radioactive rate.

Joe Gilmore is a sound/installation artist and
graphic designer based in the north of England.
His music has been published by Alku, 12k/Line,
Melange, and Cut.

George Rogers (Sheffield, UK) is a sonic artist who
also works with video and painting. Past works have
included interactive installation and live performance.
He has performed and exhibited in the UK and at
international festivals including Lovebytes, Ultrasound,
Termite Festival, Future Sonic, Short Circuits Film
Festival, and Fishing-Weissensee in Berlin.

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Out of print

“Even if quite serious in its intentions, I had a lot
of fun listening to this music… Should be enjoyed
as the unexpected results of peculiar experiments”

Touching Extremes

George Rogers and Joe Gilmore’s desktop.
Photograph by Joe Gilmore


I must say that the combination of serious composed
electronic[s] with a sound palette such as used here is
certainly one I like very much, as it brings out more
thought to noise, which is always a good thing.

Frans de Waard at Vital Weekly

Elseif’s six short tracks… are more exfoliating than
soothing, flipping between noisily bristling electronic
frequencies and blustery washes of oscillating tones.
…Elseif sounds carefully programmed even in its most
frentic moments, and offers several blasts abrasive
enough to unclog the dirtiest pore.

Nick Cain in The Wire