Off Mind
3" CD/Tabloid newspaper
[380×289 mm; 12pp]

Kallabris’ scientific research has always been outstanding:
their North Pole expedition, the chemistry of change that
can be experienced in mocha, the ondadynamical theory
as a clue for the explanation of mental phenomena —
just to mention a few, well-known highlights. This time,
they go for the core of it all: epistemology covered with
ontological speculations. The Apologia gives a rough,
yet charmingly delivered sketch of the project —
impressions and reflections performed with an impressing
beat. The Corpus Maior is a dance of condensed thought,
a playful and enchanted rhythm that cheerfully leads to
the Epilogus which, with its skeptical melancholy, makes
plainly obvious how little is done when the answers are
given. A tribute to quest, but in no means to discovery.

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Kallabris in Sint-Niklaas, exposing the causa formalis.
Photograph by Lieve Apers


Off Mind is a somewhat elaborate package, set inside a
newspaper printed with philosophical aphorisms about
the nature of ‘events’. The first track is a cut-up of female
voice whispering in German over a variety of background
burbles, the second adds a certain drip painting dynamic,
the third blends those together.

Byron Coley in The Wire

In line with Entr’acte’s impossibly packaged releases,
this 3-inch CD comes in a folded newspaper where every
page contains a single sentence, except for the central
two that are blank. Two of the three tracks are constructed
upon a female voice continuously reciting a sort of cut-up
litany in German language: Apologia is a warm, involving
minimal neurosis with translucent sounds over a bulky
subterranean pulse, while Epilogus is a little bit more
agitated, with the electronic sources moving around the
voice in a sort of disembodied telegraphic code. Corpus
Maior is a short, wordless intermission that, in a sense,
acts as the conclusion of the first track. Quite engrossing
stuff, this could be excellent background music for a
cyber-sex shop.

Massimo Ricci at Touching Extremes