Hund vor die Tür
LP (E49/JT119)

“The significance of dogs is something which struck me
a long time ago. If one compares Mark Twain’s A Dog’s
Tale with Willard Van Orman Quine’s Two Dogmas of
Empiricism, for example, one finds that Twain’s account
of the narrator’s mother (who is a collie) is much more
knowing than Quine’s account of the meaning of a tail.
  Experience tells us that it might be best to acknowledge
that certain tails don’t have a meaning at all. This is
especially true if one thinks of certain dogs and their
resemblance to applied mathematics. One does not have
to consult Crelle’s Journal to understand that their tails —
whether pure or slightly grubby — can’t possibly move
them. It’s always the dog that moves the tail — never
the other way round.”

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Kallabris at Sissikingkong, Dortmund
Photograph by Karsten Fähnrich