Entrance to Exit
Cassette (E81)

“A smooth linear transition from white
noise to sinus wave tone is broadcast.
Title is announced at beginning and
at end, but at end, title is announced
by a tape played backward.”
— George Brecht, 1962

Entrance–Exit was composed by Fluxus artist George Brecht
in 1962 and was realised and recorded onto magnetic tape
with James Tenney and George Maciunas the same year.
The quarter-inch tape reel — housed in a red or blue plastic
case — was published as a Fluxus edition in 1964 with the
title Entrance And Exit Music. In subsequent editions the title
was changed by Maciunas to Entrance–Exit and then Exit–
Entrance, drawing attention to the fact that if the music were
reversed the compositional structure would change but the
sounds themselves would appear to sound the same.

This version for audio cassette is realised by 3.14... who
were drawn to the work’s formalism, linearity and structural
simplicity. Two versions of the piece are presented: on side
A, Entrance to Exit and on side B, Exit to Entrance — the
same composition in reverse. No indication is given in the
score with regard to frequency or duration. In this version
the oscillator is tuned to 440 Hz (ISO 16).

E(t) = [t]*N + [1-t]*S

Thanks to Satoshi A., 1,024, E.IA~, Fehler


Edition of 50 copies
Out of print

George Brecht performing Solo for Violin, 1964
Photograph by George Maciunas