Ben Gwilliam
DVD (E165)


Oxide, in two parts, is the digital transfer of Super 8 and 16mm
films that have been subjected to rust growth pre- and post-
photochemical processing, with subsequent magnetised rusting
recorded to tape using various sizes of tape head. The version
presented here is a single-screen, digital iteration of the film
performance Oxide (ii)+(iii) which was developed during an
embedded residency with Sound and Music and lab,
London, in 2011.

Beyond making Oxide (ii)+(iii), the moment of projection has
passed from the live and temporary into the static and non-
representative medium of DVD. Akin to compiling a live concert
recording as a studio release, it inverts the process of self-
mechanisation by no longer being a film work that follows the
linear sequence of capture–develop–synchronise–project.

See also
Gwilliam/Vorfeld (E97)

Edition of 200 copies