Cave Bacchus
Joseph Nechvatal  Black Sifichi  Rhys Chatham

Destroyer of Naivetés
CD (E207)

Destroyer of Naivetés is a recording by Cave Bacchus
(Joseph Nechvatal, Black Sifichi and Rhys Chatham) of
Nechvatal’s sex farce poetry book Destroyer of Naivetés
that was published in 2015 by Punctum Books (and is
available here).

Destroyer of Naivetés is an epic passion poem, power-
fully read by Black Sifichi, that takes up a position of
excess from within a society that believes that the less
you conceal, the stranger you become.

Destroyer of Naivetés owes much to the too-much
artists who helped inspire its pulsating ornate manner-
ism: Petronius Arbiter, Giacomo Casanova, Jean Genet,
Charles Baudelaire, Stéphane Mallarmé, Paul Verlaine,
Arthur Rimbaud, Joris-Karl Huysmans, Tristan Tzara,
Raymond Roussel, Comte de Lautréamont, Kathy Acker,
Ovid, Antonin Artaud, Gertrude Stein, Henry Miller,
Jack Smith, Ken Russell, Robert C. Morgan, William S.
Burroughs, Francis Picabia, Samuel Beckett, Federico
Fellini, John Giorno, Allen Ginsberg, Georges Bataille,
Bradley Eros and Carolee Schneemann. All helped
inspire its eccentric erotic sensibility and its self-
consciously elaborate stylistic conceits.

Poem written by Joseph Nechvatal
Poem performed by Black Sifichi
Music by Rhys Chatham

See also
Destroyer of Naivetés on Vimeo

Edition of 300 copies


Neural [Italian/English]

Cave Bacchus’ Destroyer of Naivetés mesmereyesed me on all
mantratronic levels, conseequently eye treyed meye best to
enter this maddening of the erectile while carrying headphones.
Id contains or uncontains three folded, funny trinitarian sound
worlds ur-deranged like boromean (k)not/ds, desiring machines
or radiooscillating lacanian earrings (and yes, my lacanian ear
still rings in a deep orgasmatronic tinnitus after listening to this
again and again forced into a filo relecto (peregrinus ubique !)
to fantaseyeze again and again). Anything circles around the
three (pour rire, of course) in this try-an-gulation hear. Out-
folding itself three folded circling around the three in a deeply
diving threeabolic perichoresis immaterializing in Joseph
Nechvatal (words), Rhys Chatham (sounds), and Black Sifichi
(voice) - “semi-circular configuration eyes dance strewn with
irises (...) in one cathartic expenditure (...) less ego more
art” (Nechvatal).

Noise/Admiration [excerpt; full text here]