Diagrammene CD

Two long and powerful tracks, recorded live in Norway: Figur En
in Oslo, Dans for Voksne, 16 April 2005, and Figur To in Bergen,
Kunsthall/Landmark, 17 April 2005.

Philip Julian has been recording and performing as Cheapmachines
since the late 1990s. His recordings are semi or fully improvised,
using contact microphones, amplified metal objects, domestic radio
receivers, instrument effects pedals, environmental/found sounds,
tape loops, damaged electrical devices, analogue synthesizers,
feedback from various sources, turntables and 'prepared' vinyl.
Julian occasionally uses traditional instruments such as guitar,
organ, gongs, cymbals and prayer bowls in his recordings.
He has also created various computer-based works using software
environments such as MAX/MSP and Super_Collider.

See also
Cheapmachines (E65)

Out of print

Cheapmachines live at Kunsthall/Landmark, Bergen 2005
Photograph by Andres Vom Ende