Christopher McFall
The Anatomical Submissiveness of Lions
Cassette (E96)

“I think that this series of works represents the most visual
and visceral of my releases to date. I feel that it is accurately
reflective of my perceptions of my immediate environment at
the time it was conceived. When I composed these tracks in
2008 I wanted to create something with field recordings and
treated tape/sampled material that alluded to an epic feeling
that could be rendered in black in white; eroding more with
every subsequent play. I feel, as the title suggests, that these
works evoke a subdued primal essence; an underlining sense
of urgency and the macabre.”

Christopher McFall is a Kansas City-based composer.

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First edition of 50 copies, 2010
Second edition of 30 copies, 2010
Out of print

West Bottoms, Kansas City
Photographs by Christopher McFall