Dale Cornish
CD (E171)

Xeric further explores a/rhythm, space, silence
and the perception of pulse/percussive gestures
first initiated with Glacial in 2012.

Xeric Pattern 5 (Film by A.M. Hanson)
Xeric Pattern 4 (Film by A.M. Hanson)
Xeric Pattern 3 (Film by A.M. Hanson)

Dale Cornish discusses Xeric with
Graham Dunning on NTS Radio


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Out of print

Edition of 200 copies
Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

Portrait by David Keen


On first listen, this seems like a tough sell. A series of austere
electronic pieces of various lengths by the London-based musician,
often comprising basic drum patterns with occasional bursts of
synth noise.

It’s even more stripped back than last year’s Fleshpile Thematic,
on The Tapeworm, which saw Cornish intoning vocal fragments
over long, abstract tones. These too are compositions so minimal
that they’re barely there. Melodic and harmonic elements are
notable only by their absence.

Yet I’ve found myself coming back to this album repeatedly in
the weeks since it was released on the fabulous Entr’acte label.
The five tracks have a way of getting under your skin, demanding
to be played more. And after several listens, what feels initially
like randomness starts to reveal itself as carefully constructed
work. Like a rocks in a Japanese garden, each simple element
— a drum machine beat, a synth patch or a vocal sample —
has been carefully chosen and placed.

We Need No Swords