Dale Cornish
CD (E215)

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Aqal: a word of Somali origin, referring to a
temporary domed structure

Aqal continues the exploration of a/rhythm,
space, silence and pulse from previous works
Glacial (2012), Xeric (2014), and Ulex (2016).

Aqal Pattern 1 [Vimeo]
Aqal Pattern 3 [Vimeo]

We Need No Swords episdoe 22: Dale Cornish

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Out of print

Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

Edition of 150 copies
Out of print

Portrait by David Keen


DC’s most recent works have documented the careful unravelling
of structure and asked important questions of placement. Why
does that have to go there? What happens when tension flows
backwards into release? When is too little too much?

And while these territorial grids are remapped the basic building
blocks of sound have not been left un-considered. Sparse blocks
are modelled in plastic forms that flow like warm liquid;
components are tweaked tightly or merged into unholy couplings.

And yet it all makes perfect sense. There’s nothing in this world
that doesn’t sound as if it’s not in exactly the right place at exactly
the right time. […]

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