Dale Cornish
CD (E240)

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So picture the scene: mid-December 2011, a pub in Hoxton,
full of happy Christmas drinkers, complete with festive screeching
and merriment. Within this location, a more reserved group of three,
but nonetheless still celebrating. Two stylishly dressed in black,
with the third in a bright yellow neon hoodie. Talk turns to the first
album neon hoodie wearer has submitted, for release in 2012 by
the first stylish person, which has just been mastered by the second
stylish person. Talk proceeds to new work and future plans.
Neon yellow: “I’ve got an idea for five albums, following on from
each other, that start with this one”. “Well”, says The Administrator,
“if they’re any good…”

Glacial (2012)
Xeric (2014)
Ulex (2015)
Aqal (2017)

Enhex is the fifth in the sequence of albums focusing on a/rhythm,
space, silence and pulse.

Enhex Pattern 1 [YouTube]
Enhex Pattern 4 [YouTube]
Enhex Pattern 9 [YouTube]


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Out of print

Mastered at The Gill Suite, Antwerp

Limited edition of 100 copies
Out of print

Portrait by David Keen