Demonstration Synthesis/
M. Salaciak

Cassette (E184)

1. Transparent Crystal Glass
2. Candylande Entrance Hall
3. Italian Marble
4. Rest in Peace
5. One Night in Poland
6. Chantecler
7. First Field Zone

1. Examining a Telescope Through a Microscope
2. The Snake
3. Synth on the Tracks
4. Tropical Fruit
5. Vivian
6. Green Granite
7. I Keep that Lit

Daniel Leznoff and Matthew Salaciak are musicians from
Montreal. Daniel is currently the guitarist and keyboardist
in Pierre Kwenders’ touring band, a gig that has brought
him to France, Italy and across Canada. Demonstration
Synthesis is his anything-goes project, driven by curiosity,
technology and musical freedom. Matthew has spent
the last few years building a recording studio and has
recently begun putting out music under the name Variant,
a project that sees him working with Montreal native
Max Segal. DS16 was one of the first complete projects
finished in Matthew's studio, with him handling recording
and engineering duties while co-producing and performing
with Daniel. In true DS expedited fashion, the project
was recorded in just three short sessions.

Edition of 80 copies
Out of print

Matthew Salaciak (left) and Daniel Leznoff
Photo by Patrick A. Boivin