Filter Feeder
Raw Materials
CD (E20)

Julian Doyle’s second full-length CD for Entr’acte showcases
Filter Feeder’s further adventures in sonic manipulation
using found sound, field recordings and a mixture of digital
and vintage analogue electronics. Many of the works are
single take recordings. Keeping it raw in the London warzone!

“Raw materials is largely driven by my reactions to events at
home [UK] and abroad but also signalled a change in working
methods — only Acid Latin and Untitled Workout #2 use
programmed rhythms. I continued to make numerous field
recordings and to manipulate and use them as key elements
in many of the pieces — TV and radio broadcasts on Balkan
Cycle and Jargon, a spinning washing machine on End of
Messages, and singers from a local church on Faith.
Also, I began a series of works — Lullabye, Headbanger,
Resistance Cycle, and Pleasure Cycle — that were built around
the signal from a vintage tone generator, creating complex
processing set-ups using four analogue filters and two or
three delay lines to manipulate its basic sine wave output.
These would then be ‘played’ and recorded direct to stereo
in real time. With the opening and closing tracks — Land
and Faith — I also made my first move towards introducing
live percussion which would eventually lead to the structure
of my current live performances.”

See also Filter Feeder (E8), Filter Feeder (E44)
and Outposts

Out of print