Gerard Herman
Die paste, die wrong
LP (E208)

Gerard Herman blubbered his way through a trench
of clay-like melodies that cluttered down the sole of
his run-down sandal and his worn-out shoe. Upon
arriving he sneezed, and Entr’acte opened the door.

“Gerard Herman’s Music has a Life of its Own”
[The Village Voice, August 2017]

Edition of 200 copies
Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

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“It feels to us like the sound of mooching narrow
medieval port city streets after midnight with a
belly and headful of delirium tremens, detached
and floating to the sound of distant, clanking buoys,
melodically dripping gutters and muffled rituals
executed behind heavy wooden doors.”
— Boomkat

Special edition

Die paste, die wrong will also be available in an up-
front edition of five white label copies. Each copy
will be numbered and packaged in a unique sleeve,
hand-drawn by Gerard Herman, and based on his
recently-exhibited ‘pissed corners’ — described as
“abstract geometric works, with a very concrete
and pragmatic content. I would like my music to
be that way: both liquid and sturdy”.

Sold out

Gerard Herman: pissed corners drawings in-
situ at trampoline, Antwerp, December 2016.
Photos courtesy trampoline