Graham Dunning
Music by the Metre Archive One
CD (E166)

Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio was a founding member of the Situationist
International and inventor of Industrial Painting. These artworks
were created by machines, which automatically made abstract
expressionist paintings on long rolls of canvas, to be cut up and
sold by the metre. Graham Dunning’s ongoing Music by the Metre
project is a homage to Pinot-Gallizio.

Dunning creates abstract music machines from found tape loops,
dusty 78s, live environmental sound, endlessly repeating dub-
plates of field recordings, and analogue synthesizer drone. These
contraptions are then used to fill whole spools of tape resulting
in dense, textured soundfields with complex polyrhythms, at once
static and everchanging.

Graham Dunning is an experimental artist who works primarily
with sound and found objects. His work is concerned with time,
noise, and memory. This album comprises four 350m edits from
Dunning’s ever growing archive of audio spools.

Edition of 200 copies
Mastered by Lawrence English