Hanno Leichtmann/Valerio Tricoli
The Future of Discipline
LP (E206)

69 Tears
Stone God

La pelle
Golden Hair
The Future of Discipline

Hanno Leichtmann: Percussion and synthesiser
Valerio Tricoli: Revox B77

Recorded live to 8-track by Hanno Leichtmann
and Valerio Tricoli. Mixed by Hanno Leichtmann
at Static Music, Berlin

Hanno Leichtmann is a sound artist and musician
from Berlin. Valerio Tricoli is an italian musician
currently living in Munich


Edition of 200 copies (out of print)
Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

Special edition

The Future of Discipline is also available in a limited
edition of three white label copies. Each copy is
numbered and packaged in a unique sleeve, screen-
printed and stenciled with the buyer’s initials.

Sold out