Imaginary Forces
Low Key Movements
CD (E186)

“…identities are the names we give to the different
ways we are positioned by, and position ourselves
within the narratives of the past.”—Stuart Hall

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Edition of 200 copies


Subjectivity and identity are the engines of musical difference.
Anthoney J Hart knew this well enough to quote Stuart Hall
on Entr’acte’s page for his latest release. Hart writes that Low
Key Movements pays homage to his roots in working class UK
and pirate radio subcultures, and while it could have become
another misty-eyed hardcore eulogy, his own subjectivity
filters these references through ritualistic noise structures
to forge something more unique, founded upon one person’s
idiosyncratic experience and ears. Kick drums whip scraps
of distortion into long hypnotic grooves, over which scything
and buzzing synth drones collapse drum ’n’ bass’s already
fragmentary melodics into pure, dark feeling. Hart teases
strange new resonances out of a body of culture that is in
danger of becoming too familiar.

Adam Harper in The Wire

Last spotted on the Shift Work 12" for Bedouin Records —
and, before that on a stack for his own Sleep Codes label —
over the past five years of releases Anthoney J Hart has
established a probing, antagonistic style and rhetoric heavily
informed by his working class background and inspirations
ranging from Pan Sonic thru to Coil, Source Direct and The
Fall. Under a title hearkening to his Junglist background,
Low Key Movements packs nine unyielding and brutalist
electronic structures framed between biting-point distortion,
welting subs and sawn-off drums all connoting a claustro-
phobic physical presence and feeling of dread anticipation
also reflected in track titles such as A Bedroom in Woodford
Green, Armshouse or Skatta.