Joachim Nordwall
Soul Music
LP (E161)

Soul Music consists of six pieces built from mono-
tonous percussion and bent analogue synthesizers.
Pulse is central to these works. Taking inspiration
from acid house, primitive trance music and 1960s
downtown NYC minimalism, Soul Music is music
from the skull of Joachim Nordwall. This is his soul
music, and its path is circular, rhythmical and

Joachim Nordwall runs the iDEAL Recordings label.
He is a founder member of The Skull Defekts and
also plays with Alvars Orkester and Oceans of Silver
& Blood. His last album, Ignition, was published by
Ash International in 2011. A collaboration with Mika
Vainio, Monstrance, was released this year on Touch.

Joachim Nordwall remixed by Jo Thomas

Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

Edition of 200 copies
Out of print

Joachim Nordwall
Photo by Jean-Louis Huhta


Soul Music is informed by acid house, primitive trance
music and 1960s downtown NYC minimalism and sounds
something like a séance with ancient and future tribes,
reminding us in places of Powell, Prostitutes, Alva Noto
and Pan Sonic. Jean-Louis Huhta provides rippling,
hypnotic percussion for Nordwall’s slowly enveloping
miasma of analogue synths, strings, tone generators
and effects in six parts. Lead by the radiophonic trance
ripple and cumulative bass waves of Procession, we’re
left dazed and attuned to his wavelength while the set
follows with ceremonial logic, from the arcane No Wave
rumble and fuzz of I am The Fire to a something
approaching a mixture of Korean classical’s scattered
melodies and bass frequencies in The Beauty of Creation
and Destruction, thru the skudgy, ghosted swagger of
Soul Vibration and the future-primitive, Wolf Eyes-like
Acid Ritual. Best of all is a shorter mix of his quietly
intense Psychic Propaganda (Psychic Broadcasting Version),
which originally appeared on his Hospital Productions
cassette of the same name earlier this year, and comes
off like a dosed-up Powell conducting ether experiments
with Nate Young. Highly Recommended!