John Wall/Alex Rodgers
Rafia Longer
7" (E193)

1. Rafia Longer

1. Elfsimage
2. Blueblack
3. Choiced
4. Macbeth

John Wall
Sound manipulation

Alex Rodgers
Real and computer-generated

Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

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Out of print

Edition of 200 copies

“Rafia Longer is exactly the kind of warped gem that we hunt
for daily. Rodgers’ blunted vocals are serrated into bad-Skype-
connection phonemes and woven in a fluid pattern with a sort
of warped, grubbing mix of Lotic’s supple awkwardness and
Pole’s earliest dub refractions to manifest one of the oddest
and most compelling electronic sides of 2015”
— Boomkat


[Wall and Rodgers’] last two collaborations have
intermingled Rodgers’ leftfield drawling voice amidst
microscopically-forged electronic tracery. The texts
(by no means the arbitrary stream of consciousness
they sometimes appear to be) have always felt more-
or-less paramount, but that doesn’t equate to clarity,
and in the first of the pieces, Rafia Longer, the voice
is positioned low in the mix, just about projecting
itself above Wall’s shuffling rhythmic surface (very
different from almost everything Wall has done in
recent times), with a recurring refrain about a “halo
of candyfloss”. The latter piece comprises four
fragments of utterance, articulated by synthetic
voices using text-to-speech algorithms. The content
is simultaneously prosaic and outrageous, clearer
than ever yet completely ambiguous. Wall treats
them with kid gloves, delicately dusting them with
thin shards and slivers of electronics, in the process
shining a spotlight on the truly bizarre and downright
hilarious train of discontinuous thought emanating
from Rodgers. Available on 7-inch vinyl, it’s the kind
of release for which the phrase “weird and wonderful”
could have been invented.

Simon Cummings at 5:4