John Wall/Alex Rodgers
CD and book (E234)
210×148 mm, 20pp; foil-blocked cover

John Wall
voice manipulation

Alex Rodgers

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Out of print

Limited edition of 200 copies
Mastered by Paul Richardson

Cover and pages from Soar


John Wall’s granular textures once again manipulate and
augment the oblique poetics of Alex Rodgers. The two
have been collaborating for well over a decade now, in a
gambit for Wall to reshape his creative process through
improvisational strategies. Wall’s once meticulously edited
samples have become serpentine, liquid, yet unmistakably
digital. On Soar, his constructions look back to the glitch-
worship electronica of Vladislav Delay, Oval and Pole in
their attempts to shed themselves of the trappings of
techno. A lounge lizard slink is evident throughout Wall’s
brief compositions, allowing plenty of space for Rodgers
to gruffly articulate his existential profundities.

Jim Haynes in The Wire