Inbetween the sound sound/
The Occult Animals of Silicon Valley
Cassette (E76)

‘Inbetween the sound sound: a sound understanding of a
phrase and the misinterpretation of its meaning’ was conceived
for Juxtaposition and performed at Wilton’s Music Hall, London,
on 10 July 2009.

Legowelt is the best-known of Danny Wolfers’ many pseudo-
nymous projects. He began producing music in the early 1990s
after discovering Detroit’s Underground Resistance collective
and record label and meeting his soon-to-be local mentors
I-F and Melvin White. Since his debut release for Guy Tavares’
influential Bunker Records in 1998, Wolfers’ has remained
prolifically busy, recording for an array of labels and regularly
performing and DJing internationally.

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First edition of 100 copies
Second edition of 50 copies
Out of print

Top: Kallabris at Wilton’s Music Hall, July 2009.
Photograph by Stefan Kraus. Above: Legowelt,
the really macho cat.