Karla Borecky
Still in your pocket
Cassette (E117)

Born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1960, Karla Borecky
studied piano until she was 17, and played in bar bands
as a teenager and young adult. She attended the Univer-
sity of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, and received her Master
of Fine Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts.
  In 1988, she formed the Idea Fire Company with Scott
Foust, whom she had met in college. Over 23 years,
IFCO has released nine LPs, two singles, and some live
CDs, CDRs and cassettes. Karla has also recorded music
as Tart (with Foust and Graham Lambkin), The Pickle
Factory (with Foust and Mike Popovich) and The New
Peculiars (with Foust and her parents, David and Gloria
Borecky.) For these bands, Karla has played piano,
various synthesizers, keyboards, Irish harp, xylophone,
toy piano, drums, and other incidental noise-makers.
  Karla is also a visual artist. She was exposed to a multi-
tude of arts and crafts whilst growing up, from Japanese
brush painting to crochet, and she continues to explore
these interests.

Edition of 50 copies
Out of print

Karla Borecky, Point Of View, 2001