w/hair ph<> n mus|x
CD (E243)

What’s this? Listening through the split spaces of experience.
Brain full of place fragments and music. Auto-location and
orientation. Auto-relation and alone-ness. Off-grid expanse.
Virtual zero. In shops, stations and toilets. The feel of the
sound of shifting in the seat looking for no-thing.

Klaysstarr (Iain Findlay-Walsh) is a Glasgow-based
sound artist. He also plays in improvising duo Zoming
Flakes, pop group In Posterface and formerly with
prog-punk maximalists Lapsus Linguae. He occasionally
writes about recording, listening and intimate space.

Limited edition of 100 copies


One has sometimes felt the “field recording” genre might
be getting a bit stale, especially when dealing with releases
from the more banal end of the spectrum, which might be
why a bit of me welcomes the record w/hair ph<> n mus|x
by the Glasgow artist Klaysstarr. It’s an odd jumbly mix of
sounds evidently captured from very “real world” situations,
suggesting that the fellow’s entire approach is based on
carrying a recorder around with him wherever he goes
and capturing fragments almost at random. There’s a very
rough, “urban” edge which is appealing; he seems to find
interest, if not a certain species of strange beauty,
in the most banal settings of our modern city-sprawls,
including stations, public toilets, and shopping centres.

Ed Pinsent in The Sound Projector