Lucio Capece
Epimoric Tide
CD (E253)

”Epimoric Tide is the result of my research into the phenomenological
acoustic possibilities that some specific types of repetitive rhythmic
structures may offer. The analogue electronics setup — synth, sequencer,
ring modulator, filter, equalizer feedback, delay — is augmented by
a slide saxophone that’s processed slightly looped throughout.
The title of the piece is derived from Superparticular: the ratio of two
consecutive integer numbers, one containing the other plus one.
This very basic ratio suggests to me the idea of movement,
of combination in movement that occurs in the most immediate way.”
—Lucio Capece, Berlin, September 2020

Limited edition of 100 copies
Co-published with Stellage
Mastered by Yves De Mey

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Lucio Capece performing Epimoric Tide at Berghain kantine

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