Cassette (E131)

Maar is Joseph Clayton Mills and Michael Vallera. Ay comprises
two tracks assembled in Chicago in the autumn of 2011.
Individual elements were recorded separately and exchanged
in an iterative process, with the intent being to discover affin-
ities, incongruities, and points of convergence. The finished
work displays a shared interest in transformation and decay.

See also
Joseph Clayton Mills (E167)
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Michael Vallera is a musician and visual artist currently based
out of Chicago. He is one half of the duo Cleared (along with
Steven Hess) and has performed with such artists as David
Daniell, White Car, and Rhys Chatham. His solo discography
includes releases on Los Discos Enfantasmes, Catholic Tapes
and Complacency Productions. An upcoming release is due
on Nihilist Records later this year.

Edition of 50 copies
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