Mike Majkowski
Swimming in Light
LP (E209)

A. Radio Weather Vending Machine
B. Structure and Posture

Double bass, bass guitar, analogue synthesizer,
vibraphone, piano, percussion, field recordings

Recorded, performed, constructed and mixed by
Mike Majkowski, Berlin, August–November 2015

Mike Majkowski is a musician based in Berlin.
His work primarily focuses on repetitive structures
and their mutations, relationships between stillness
and pulse, as well as the spectral qualities of
resonating frequencies.

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Edition of 200 copies
Out of print

“This one’s incredible; bowed strings, double bass, synth,
vibraphone, piano, percussion and field recordings reduced
to a totally immersive durational study. [Majkowski] makes
his main instrument sound electronic, yet due to its acoustic
harmonic richness the results render a lusher and subtly
chaotic spectrum of sonics than one might typically expect
from purely electronic sources.”

Photo by Serge Kolosov

Special edition

Swimming in Light will also be available in an upfront
edition of three white label copies. Each copy will be
numbered and packaged in a unique sleeve, lettered
in the marvellous Orly Stencil on greenish-gray
board with the buyer’s initials.

Sold out