Pali Meursault
Without the wolves
CD (E120)

“I ask her: you would like to be a wolf?
Haughty answer — this is stupid, you can’t
be a wolf, you are always eight or ten wolves,
six or seven wolves. Not six or seven wolves
at once, not on your own, but a wolf among
others, with five or six other wolves”.
— Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari,
A Thousand Plateaus

1. Redoux: Vallon de Bonnepierre, Summer 2006
1. Composed at La F* de B*, 2006–7
2. Sans les loups: Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse, Winter 2008
2. Recorded with Fred Pailler, 2008
3. Foehn: Alpe de Villard-d’Arène, Winter 2007
3. Composed at GRH, 2007–8

Original recordings made in 2006 and 2007 during
excursions to the French alps. This material formed
the basis of the two long compositions on the album:
Redoux captures the melting of the Galcier de
Bonnepierre; Foehn is a recording of a storm in the
Alpe de Villard-d'Arène.

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Edition of 200 copies
Out of print

Alpe de Villard d’Arène. Photo by Pali Meursault


A really fascinating recording with an interesting arc. At
the beginning of the first track, we hear a soft but quite
detailed range of dripping sounds, reasonably dense but
clear, augmented by similarly pitched glitches and cracks,
with the odd metallic bang. It's very much of a piece and,
in its fashion, rather steady state. I liked it very much
and admired Mearsault's sticking to it for quite some time,
allowing variations to creep in that didn't disturb the flow
but rather focused the listener's attention here and there
within the stream. Some 15 minutes in, however, it began
to pall a bit. Something, something hard to pinpoint,
was no longer clicking. A certain range of drops vanished,
perhaps that was it, and I found it disquieting.

But this shift, relatively abrupt though it was, began to
open up adjacent areas that, while quite different and
becoming more so as the piece wore on, seemed some-
how appropriate when the opening was reconsidered in
hindsight. Bits of radio, whirring buzzes and all manner
of detritus appear, eventually evanescing into the dark.

Second and third tracks have more of a field recording
feel, from breathing and talking around a fire (?) with
what sounds like a good bit of trudging around, to wind-
whipped howls and dog yips, all, eventually fanning out
into an ethereal ringing, quite beautiful.

Brian Olewnick at Just Outside

Incredibly detailed and immersive concrète sound design
from Pali Meursault, presenting his second release on
Entr’acte. Without the wolves was composed from record-
ings made during excursions to the French Alps in the
summer and winters between 2006 and 2008. It traces
a similar theme to Giuseppe Ielasi’s brilliant Alpi LP as
Oreledigneur, but with far more processing involved,
resulting in a hyper-natural sense of space, texture and
arrangement, amplifying and transforming the aural
scenery into vividly rendered soundscapes. The first,
‘Redoux’, captures the melting of the glacier at Vallon
de Bonnepierre, unfolding from what sounds like a river
of rocky digital scree into chirruping aliens discovered in
a cave onto meticulously dynamic drones and burbling
acidic chatter. The second, shorter ‘Sans les loups’ is
seemingly a recording of a trek through deep, crunching
snow with his pal Fred Pailler in winter 2008, rendering
their heavy, laboured breathing and the vast sense of
space with a subtly unreal quality. His third composition
is also the most impressive, a winter 2007 recording
of a storm at Alpe de Villard-d'Arène, placing us at the
centre of lashing winds which morph into more visceral,
scraping digital textures and metallic drones as the
maelstrom subsides, eventually concluding with exquisite,
gamelan-like tonal shimmer.