Chloral Works I&II
Single-sided 12"/3" CD (E21)

Two compositions for yodeling voice and electro-acoustic
body functions. Performed and recorded by Doreen and
Daniel Kutzke-Löwenbrück.

See also
LDS Relationchips (E6)

Out of print

Raionbashi live at Six Intermissions in Seven Acts, London 2005
Events). Photograph by Martin Holtkamp

Raionbashi, live at Bullet’s, Tokyo 2009
Photograph by
Martin Holtkamp


Two bizarre present-day yodels — well, the beginning is indeed a yodel,
but it’s just an excuse to ignite a stretched vocal fire in which Doreen is
elongated and superimposed to herself while ‘electroacoustic bodily
functions’ (mostly from the stomach, I’d say) act as a contrasting element
to the beautifully looped yodels, which are absolutely not reminiscent of
Austrian mountain villages, instead reminding me of contemporary
computer minimalism — and, in the second movement, of war sirens
howling in desperation.

Massimo Ricci at Touching Extremes