RaM/Mike McHugh
Live at Love’s Secret Domain
Cassette (E93)

RaM (Adam Parkinson, Mariam Rezaei and Nick John Williams)
combines approaches to sound and music-making culled from
DJing and dance culture, free improvisation, reductionism
and modern composition. Their music is improvised; it utilises
silence and space alongside repetition and bass. Adam and
Nick can often be found beat-making or playing preposterous
disco-pop together. Mariam is a hip hop DJ and composer.
Char, a recent work, is in the repertoire of the Kreutzer String
Quartet. Chast, for string quartet and Controller One turntable,
will be premiered in London soon. She is currently working and
performing with the Apartment House ensemble.

Mike McHugh uses tracker software, improvising with sounds
which he records in his kitchen and with a few synths, creat-
ing a compelling machine-funk on the Rimini-Manchester axis.
He is also part of Newcastle’s Fratelli di Rimini, a collective
of DJs, producers and promoters.

Edition of 60 copies
Out of print