Richard Francis
Combinations #1
Cassette (E191)

1. Two Airs (6.38)
2. C.13 (3.28)
3. C.12 (6.57)
4. C.14 (2.50)
5. C.10 (6.20)
6. C.18 (2.57)
7. Small waves, big waves (2.45)

[Programme repeats on both sides]

Recorded 2013–14 in Worpswede (at the Künstlerhäuser
Worpswede), Rotterdam (at Worm) and Auckland (at my
home). Patterns, rhythms and structures, like memories
from my surroundings.

Thanks to Creative New Zealand for help with travel.

Edition of 80 copies (out of print)

“An intimate collection of lowercase electronic abstraction,
unspooling as a collaged, mutably greyscale sequence of
fractured bleeps and oxidised tones”

Video by Richard Francis