Stanier Black-Five
CD (E158)

Avast! was created from field recordings made between
2009 and 2012 in Lyttelton, a volcanic harbour on the
South Island of New Zealand. Sounds were captured at
sites around the natural amphitheatre of this extinct
caldera: from abandoned wartime bunkers on the top
of the crater rim to the port and its cacophony of cargo
ships, tugs and workshops. The work is also haunted by
the resonance of buildings such as the Timeball Station,
which were destroyed when the town was at the
epicentre of a major earthquake in 2011.

Stanier Black-Five is the solo project of New Zealand
sound artist and writer, Jo Burzynska, whose audio work
is largely based on her own minimally processed environ-
mental recordings. She uses these to create dense
soundscapes that use both industrial sources such as
the pounding rhythms of trains to natural phenomena,
such as seismic activity.

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Stanier B-F/Zeug Gezeugt (E157)

Edition of 200 copies

Stanier Black-Five;
steam tug in Lyttelton


Don’t be fooled by [Avast!’s] mock-historical title —
the album’s three pieces zero in on the disembodied
sonic textures of modern capitalism. As ships dock
and steel containers move in transit, engines whirr
and grind, and relentless mechanical rhythms are
punctuated with sundry creaks, bleeps and clangs.

Nick Cain in The Wire