Noise Tape Reggae
7" (E62)

Operating in seemingly disparate areas, yet choosing to present his
work under one pseudonym, Paul Dickow’s music traverses sound art,
dub, noise, electro-acoustic improvisation, field recordings, house,
techno and disco. He is perhaps most known for his highly abstracted,
studio-enhanced experimental pop albums, wherein all these styles
converge. Strategy’s genre-hopping is, more than anything, an effort
to learn a little bit of each musical language — not to be fluent in
a single one, but to get a macro view of many. He has recorded
music for Kranky, Audio Dregs, Low Point, Dreck, ORAC, Audraglint,
Outward Music Company, Shockout, and his own Community Library
label. He is also a DJ and in a number of groups and collaborative
projects in his hometown of Portland, Oregon in the breakaway
Northwestern region of Cascadia.

Noise Tape Reggae was recorded in June 2008 using repurposed
reggae mix tapes in cassette loops and miscellaneous analogue
electronics. Boomarmnation has a detailed and fun breakdown of
the recording process…

Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, Berlin

Strategy in Resident Advisor

See also
Strategy (E183)

Edition of 200 copies
Out of print

Strategy at Brainwaves Festival, Boston 2008


Our favourite community librarian returns with a 7-inch exercise in
experimental dub science but, with the two tracks flying past at 45
rpm, the visit’s over fast. Regardless of production details, no one
would guess the tracks originated from Portland when they sound
so reminiscent of material laid down at Lee Perry’s Black Ark Studios
in Kingston, Jamaica during the ‘70s. Anything but a narcoticised
skank, Repurposed Dub races to some unknown destination, its
driving bass and drum rhythms violently pushing through an echo-
soaked mix it's like swimming through glue. The flipside’s Taper’s
Rock Dub rolls out at a less breathless pace but barrels forth with
a like-minded intensity when blurry sheets of distorted sound blow
across the track’s bass-heavy rumble.

Ron Schepper at Textura

Busy man and occasional genius Paul Dickow processes reggae mix
tapes into loops and adds a smattering of electronics to these two
sides. It works as you’d imagine, and way better, never sacrificing
the rhythm even as it spins off-kilter into progressive time sigs on
Repurposed Dub — the time-delay urgency and force of dub is used
to its fullest extent, across a wide spectrum of sound. The track dips
underwater, pushes samples to the front, fades in and out of
performance modes, and all through it stays true to the spirit of the
music it’s fucking around with. Taper’s Rock Dub strays a bit from
tradition and finds itself in more of a R&S/Pole sorta ambient dub
cloud, but I’ll take it.

Doug Mosurock at Dusted