Tom Mudd
Gutter Synthesis
CD/software (E226)

Digital version available from

In Tom Mudd's work, the conceptual and technological processes
are paramount. For this particular release, both are embedded in
the Gutter Synthesis algorithm and software which was created for
and used in all six tracks. An inevitable consequence of this way
of working is that masses of material can be created, which then
requires both selection and editing. Once these decisions have
taken place a strange, apparently contradictory, perceptual shift
takes place towards the material.

The listener is confronted with complex, intense and emotionally
charged musical events. This was not Tom Mudd’s intention as
he’s not overtly concerned with personal expression. A deep
interest in algorithmic computer processes is his guiding principal.
Yet from this apparently cold approach to making music comes
vivid, dramatic, sound art, packed with rich emotional layers that
never operate at the level of the trite and illustrative. There is
also a strong formal and structural quality to his pieces that allows,
in the best possible sense, the listener to ‘immerse’ themselves in
this challenging sound world.

John Wall, London, December 2017

Gutter Synthesis software
Gutter synthesis is a purely digital synthesis process that creates
very physical, acoustic-like sounds using a network of resonant
Duffing oscillators. The software was created specifically for this
project, and is included with the release as an equal part of the
creative output. The downloadable version uses an interrelated
set of eight Duffing oscillators and associated filter banks.

OS X version (32-bit)
Windows version
Source (github)

Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

Limited edition of 150 copies
Out of print

Photo by Fabio Lugaro

Diagram taken from Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
(second edition) by J. M. T. Thompson and H. B. Stewart
(Wiley, 2002); reproduced with kind permission