The Horde
12" (E212)

1. Never Again
2. Swallowed the Brim
3. The Horde

Transistor formed in 2009 when Franck Vigroux was performing in NYC
where Ben Miller led several projects. Vigroux was in a creative transition
suggesting a stripped down electro-industrial sound with the latter as
lead singer. Miller had sung in many bands before but never solely as a
lead singer. The new challenge was intriguing. Shows were set up with
Vigroux’s sub-bass and extreme frequencies blowing more than one PA
system. They struck up an overseas collaboration releasing a self-titled
EP. While sporadically performing in NYC and Europe, Transistor returned
to the studio for their full length LP Din of Eons released in 2013. All the
while, French filmmaker Gregory Robin had been shooting a documentary
(Transistor, 2015; trailer here) of the duo’s goings-on.

This year Vigroux and Miller present their newest work, The Horde.

Edition of 200 copies
Mastered by Jacques Beloeil

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Photo: Gregory Robin